Relaxing Valley Day…

This morning when I woke up it was snowing sideways HUGE flakes! The horses were all taking shelter but didn’t seem to mind the snow in order to get fed. The lid to the chicken feed had blown off the can overnight and I had to chase it down in the cow pasture. Luckily it wasn’t too far out there and I spotted it pretty quick.

I made waffles and bacon this morning, mmmm. I love waffles. After, I spoke with David on the phone  for a few hours, and caught up on a few things.

I stayed until sunset before heading back into town—Did I mention how much I love watching clouds?

Overall, a quiet, relaxing weekend for the books.

Thought of day: Whether it be our hands or our words that reaches others, true healing is drawn directly from our hearts.


One thought on “Relaxing Valley Day…

  1. How wonderful to see my beloved ranch through your eyes! It never fails to bless me and restore my perspective. Thank you for loving my creatures and taking such good care of them!

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