Adams State partnership

This morning Jeff and I spoke in two business classes about seed me. The first class was Retail Merchandising and the second was Marketing in the 21st Century. After giving a brief history and background about our initiative and how far we’ve come along, we had an open discussion and brainstorming with the classes. In doing so, we got a lot of great feedback, a few new “Likes” on our FB page, and some potential candidates for interns this summer and fall. We’ll be speaking in a larger marketing class next Wednesday for even more feedback and intern possibilities.

It was a great experience to share these ideas with students. They really liked the idea of telling each client’s story and utilizing social media to connect with people worldwide to spread the word about our initiative and draw people to our website.  They gave us feedback on our logo prototypes and suggested a YouTube channel for our multimedia we will be producing down the road.

Next on the agenda for the day was Adelante. I spent a few more hours organizing the office and catching up on emails. I sorted through and organized the cabinets with labels, but still have to finish doing the attic inventory.

Tonight at Leading Edge class the topic was finances. We looked at Income Statements and Balance sheets and discussed equity, liabilities, variable and fixed expenses. One exercise we did was the Break-even Analysis. I’m quickly finding how complex seed me is in terms of finance plans, budgeting, income/fundraising avenues and other strategies…

There comes a point in time where these dreams and visions floating in the clouds need to be planted on paper, or seed me will be unable to blossom.

It’s that time.


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