Sleep is nice…

Quickest recap ever because I value my sleep tonight:

This morning we had our All-Staff meeting and I briefly updated the La Puente team on seed me’s progress.

I felt sick to my stomach after spending $406 on a flight back home for my brother’s wedding. Not because he’s getting married, but because of the price of the ticket and all the time I need to take off…Not to mention it’ll be another $100 getting to and from the airport. Need to make up so much money over the next 8 months now for my hike next spring.

I checked and responded to a billion emails.

I came home and made couscous.

Wrote a few letters.


And now it’s time for bed!

Tomorrow my day begins at 8 am and carries on until my class gets out at 9 pm. Jeff and I are speaking first thing in the morning in a few of Liz’s classes to try and recruit interns for the summer and fall. Then I’ve got a few hours at Adelante, followed by Leading Edge class.

Good night!


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