Planting seeds

This morning I worked on the poster I’m designing for La Puente. With our staff meeting pushed to the afternoon, I finally had a 3-hour chunk during my VolCom shift to work on it—with no interruptions! As I get further along with it, I will post a few concepts on here for some feedback.

This afternoon Jeff and I met with Liz, an Adams State professor who advices internships in the business department. She was absolutely wonderful and supportive of our initiative. It sounds like there is potential for two or more internships beginning in May, possibly even through the summer. These interns would be in any field such as accounting, finance, management, social media or marketing. She’s also going to look into incorporating seed me as a project for one of her classes in the fall—or maybe even designing a new class around it!

I’m really looking forward to see who will be joining our team these next few months and know this is the beginning of a wonderful partnership with Adams State for seed me.

We have officially purchased a domain name for seed me! Unfortunately, and the likes were taken, so we decided to go with One of the main visions we have for this micro-enterprise is to tell each client’s story and connect them with the world at large, so this was the best alternative for a URL…

We also discussed our logo concept more and came up with a design prototype with the use of a stock vector—credited to Marina Zlochin. I’ll have some more time to work with it tomorrow morning, so send any suggestions my way!

Thought of the day: With a little bit of elbow grease, all doors can open for you—the most difficult lock is the one you place upon the door yourself…

seedme cover photo Logo url

seed me logo prototype



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