Pelvis, torso and waist…


This morning was the last of my housesitting gig. While I have thoroughly enjoyed the beauty and solitude of the Valley, as well as taking care of the farm, I was ready to come back to my home in town. There is nothing like having familiar surroundings and sleeping in your own bed at night.

In reading Half the Sky today, it discussed the complications of birth women face around the world. Specifically, it described different pelvis sizes. Typically, a Caucasian woman has a gynecoid pelvis, which is the most accommodating of the birth process. On the other hand, there is the anthropoid pelvis, which is more elongated. This allows for faster running, but often results in obstructed labor. Interestingly enough, African women tend to have this anthropoid pelvis…so not only are there high mortality rates throughout Africa due to lack of proper hospitals and doctors, but they’re also more vulnerable to C-sections than we are in the States…

It’s interesting that we are the only species on the planet that needs another human being’s assistance to give birth—but not everyone has that privilege.

I’m really antsy to start getting some serious hikes in and testing out some of my gear for the Appalachian Trail next year. Before coming to CO I had returned my backpack to REI with the intention of getting up to Denver to find a better-fitting one. However, now that we are down to one “out of Valley” vehicle, the policy has been changed on us and we are no longer aloud to take trips outside of Alamosa—unless it is strictly related to serving La Puente. So, tonight I decided to take a chance and order a new bag online. I measured my torso and waist as best as I could and spent quite a while looking for the best-suited one for myself. I ended up going with the Osprey Ariel 65 L Women’s pack—and for a heck of a deal! After a $100 gift card for opening an REI credit card, 20% REI membership deal, and $20 in dividend returns, I got the bag for $109 instead of $279! I call that a success. And if it doesn’t fit properly, I will simply return it and try again…

When I got home this morning, I had a letter in the mailbox. I absolutely love writing and receiving letters. I have found that even though there is physical distance between the one I love, we are still able to grow and learn from each other emotionally and intellectually through our written words.

Though I miss him each and every day, I see this distance as a challenge, and a wonderful opportunity.

As they say, distance makes the heart grow stronger.

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