Slowing down

I’ve already stayed up much too late, so this will be a quick recap:

This afternoon on my break I went to Cole Park to read more of Half the SkyIt was so strange to see big, gray clouds in the sky. Then the wind picked up. And It began to snow. By the time I walked back to work the sun had come out again. Strange weather…Happy second day of spring!

We had a volunteer community night gathering. After dinner we all shared a special item that we had brought. I shared my Ghana painting and talked about connecting with other people. It was a really nice exercise and I could see connections and ties with so many…

I didn’t get to the farm tonight until almost ten and still needed to tend to the animals. I thought one of the horses was about to charge me in the dark tonight as I walked across the field over to their stable! They have distinct ranking with each other, and I got caught in the middle of two charging. Luckily he stopped short and turned a bit. I think that’s as close to being scared out of my boots as I’ve been in a long time…

Prior to all of this, I spent some time at the Enterprise office typing up some job descriptions. We’ve decided that it’s not in the budget to hire all the people we’d like to right now. For the time being, we are going to stick with as many local interns as we can and build up from there.

I need to keep reminding myself that you can’t do everything at once…

And that you need to find a balance in life.

One of my colleagues posted a blog entry today titled, “Why I left news,” by Allyson Bird. While she was referring to working in the journalism world, it can certainly apply to any career path one chooses. It’s really insightful and a good reminder to us all that we can’t let work take over our lives, no matter how passionate you are about what you’re doing or how much you think you need the money. We need to find a balance or we will burn out.

I am constantly being challenged by this and want to find a better balance for myself. Not just with work—but in all areas of my life.

As Confucius said, “It doesn’t matter how slow you go, as long as you don’t stop.”



One thought on “Slowing down

  1. Who is Paul in the comments to “Why I left…” and do you know why he pinged your blog and why his comment is so snarky?

    I must have been nine or so when I spent my first and only day on a neighbor’s farm. He had a work horse that for some reason got loose and I remember standing on the lane as he ran towards me. My neighbor, the farmer was a hundred feet behind me at the barn yelling “Wave your arms!”. I like to think that I waved my arms for a second before I jumped to the side and watched the horse run past. I was humiliated, but alive.

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