Winding down the week…

After speaking with Kristen this morning, it was confirmed that SEED can bring in a summer intern for a multimedia position I designed. At first I wanted to get them here as soon as I could, but they probably won’t start until May after all. As anxious as I am to start working on stories, I am relieved we will have a bit more time to prepare the next month and a half. There is just so much to do! Next week I’ll be putting together some more job descriptions for positions, including my own. We are looking into having a few summer and fall interns by partnering with Adams State University, while also reaching out and finding two for the fall from social enterprise programs across the country. Harvard seems to have an incredible program, with a summer fellowship built into their curriculum: We’ll just have to find the right way to connect with them—but first we’ll need to develop content and build a website.

I’m also really interested in learning how to write some grants for SEED, and hope to meet with Mike, La Puente’s grant writer in the next week or two.

I think I’ve narrowed the La Puente poster down to two quotes. The one is the “to be thoroughly used up” quote by George Bernard Shaw. The other is by Desmond Tutu regarding “a drop in a bucket in a desert.” I will make a mock-up design of each and see what works best. I really want the poster this year to capture the story of rural poverty and homeless across the entire Valley, not just Alamosa.

It’s been a great week, and I’m ready to rest.


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