Petting zoo and bank accounts…

I woke up this morning and decided I needed to rest a bit more and skip the gym. As I was making my salad for lunch before work, I looked outside and three deer were laying in our yard—among piles and piles of their feces. Weston and I walked outside and he tossed a piece of carrot their way. They stood up and we were within a few feet of them for at least 5 minutes. They are so fearless and numb to the fact that we are their predators, and it amazes me that we were literally a few steps away from our backyard turning into a petting zoo…

At Adelante I typed up a display bio about a documentary-fine arts photographer and human rights activist. His name is Jonathan Moller, and all proceeds from his books go towards helping the Guatemalan community. The purpose of the books is to spread awareness about the Guatemalan Civil War. At the same time, Moller’s project has given a voice to the people who were photographed and allow them to process and heal from their War experiences. I’ll be putting up displays of his books to sell at Milagros and both Rainbow’s End locations. Here’s his website:

After putting together the bio, I continued gathering materials for the resource center. It’s really coming along now and a few clients have begun working on their resumes and practicing their English on

Tonight at Life Skills we had two speakers come from the San Luis Valley Federal Bank. A lot of the clients were hesitant about opening a bank account—they are afraid to trust the banks after everything that happened leading up to the recession. It was really great to have a group discussion about the benefits of opening a checking or savings account. For starters, they allow you to build your credit score and you are able to better track your expenses…

There are two things I’d really like to accomplish during the next few months of my term. The first is to successfully complete writing a grant for SEED. I’ve never written a grant before, but Dores showed me a really great resource online and I bet I can figure it out along the way. (

The second goal of mine, is to make time to start getting to know some of the clients and community members better. I want to build relationships with them and begin telling their stories through words and photographs. I feel all of that has been pushed aside as I am doing all these projects, shifting from program to program throughout the week and taking this business class—I need to make this a priority as well…

Tomorrow morning we have our monthly All-Staff meeting at 8 am sharp. Good night, all!


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