Service and Sand…

This morning I went and watched Katie give a La Puente presentation at the New Life Fellowship in Del Norte. When we arrived everyone was so warm and welcoming, many coming up to us and greeting us. I guess being from out of town in another small town you really stick out at a church service…

We stayed for the praise and worship, followed by the service. As a child, my siblings and I were not brought up going to church. In fact, there was something mysterious and far off about them to me that I was always frightened to enter one. Oddly enough, over the last year or two year alone I’ve entered more churches than ever before. And each time I do, the less foreign and uncomfortable they are to me—it’s kinda like traveling…

Anyway, a special service was given by Pastor Joe Archuleta’s son Isaac. It was his first time giving one, though he does have a background in Christian counseling. He read a few verses and then told this story about his nephew Jackson climbing up into a tree. Once he reached a point outside of his comfort zone he became frozen with fear and clung to the branch in deep panic. He was afraid to let go, even though Isaac was right there reaching his arms up to the branch just inches from touching him.

Isaac spoke about how this happens in all of our lives. We become ashamed and afraid and we freeze in fear. We are afraid to trust in those around us for love and support and isolate ourselves. There are times where we may feel unwanted, undesired, lonely, afraid, ashamed, disappointed, neglected and many other emotions…but that the opposite of fear and shame is knowing that you are of value.

That you are loved.

My thought of the day: Be vulnerable and trust enough to let go of the tree branch. Take the step down from the tree of fear and recognize all of the ways you are valuable to this world and go forward.

Believe in what you can’t always see, but that you can always feel.

After getting back to Alamosa, I met Rachel at Cole Park while we waited for Erin to get out of a meeting. We talked for a while and then loaded the car to go to the Sand Dunes! It’s about a 45 minute drive into the Valley to the dunes, which is typical to get anywhere outside of town. I was so blown away by the beauty and wonder of the landscape. One second all you see is open fields in the Valley, and the next you see these layers and layers of formed sand piled right in fron of these towering mountains. It all seemed so fake, like someone thought it’d be a fun joke to dump a few thousand loads of sand in the middle of the desert next to some mountains…

We hiked around some trails near the campgrounds, but found there were too many cacti, so we hit the sand. I wasn’t sure how cold it would be if I took my shoes off, but being barefoot in the sand felt so nice and refreshing. We walked around some of the smaller dunes for a while, eventually making our way up to one of the taller ones. We would have kept going, but the wind really started to pick up and it was going to get dark soon. I will definitely be going back in the summer—to hike around and sleep in a hammock at the campgrounds under the stars…how beautiful that will be.

Such a nice, peaceful and healing weekend this has been…

I am truly grateful for these opportunities and experiences.

Tomorrow morning it’s back to the gym for some cycling!


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