Moving forward each step of the way…

Six a.m. Pilates class to finish my first week strong—or should I say sore…I really do feel all of my core muscles developing again though! Jeff mentioned the the Denver Rock and Roll race that’s taking place October 20th and has encouraged me to register for it. I am going to give myself a few more weeks before I register, but I think I’m about to commit to a half—or even full marathon this year!

This morning at Enterprise office I spent time creating some new potential volunteer/internship positions. It’s pretty exciting, this first position we are looking to fill is a multimedia position. I immediately thought of a former classmate back in Ohio for the job and have started the process with him.

It will be so great to have someone to help me with the bulk of telling these stories for each client we work with, as well as the story of the Valley as a whole.

At VolCom I met with Lares and went over my ideas for the La Puente poster I’ll be designing. She was very encouraging and supportive of the general concept I have in mind—now I just need to take a bit more time to make a few mock-up samples and see what direction I am headed in.

Unfortunately, I’ve spent the last three hours on and off writing this as my head bobbles over and I drift to sleep. I think I need to listen to my body and call it a night on this.


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