Stress Relief

It’s so important to take time out of your day and center yourself. You need to relax and reconnect your body and mind….

This morning for our retreat training we had a discussion about different types of conflict management. It was interesting to see how I use different types to resolve conflict based on the relationship I have with the other person. If it’s with someone I don’t know very well I tend to adjust my wants to their favor, but the closer the relationship is, the easier it is to compromise or collaborate. It’s important to see who is harmed by the conflict and to communicate with each other. More often than not conflict arises not from miscommunication but from avoidance and no communication at all.

Looking back, I can see how much I have grown as a person and have been doing less of the avoidance style over the years. If I’m passionate and truly believe in something deep in my heart my “competitive” style will even come out. I see that a bit more each year as I develop my personal values, morals and ideals.

We also discussed eustress and distress. It’s so important to evaluate and acknowledge who you are as a person, what your values are, how you act and react to different situations and so on…By doing so, and by embracing your full self, you will be much better off.

We had a yoga session this afternoon for an hour and a half. It was my first time I had ever attended an actual class. All week long I felt I was carrying all my stress in my neck, shoulders and back, and after the class I felt so relaxed. All this tension was released from my body and my mind.

Simple techniques like deep breathing and mindfulness can make all the difference in our lives—you just have to put them to practice.

I can remember taking stress management psychology on SAS two years ago. We learned different stress-relieving techniques—my favorite was when we got to do tai chi on the side deck of the ship. It was absolutely amazing to stare off into the open waters, I miss it terribly. It was one of the few places where I felt so at ease, with no distractions around me.

I want to be more mindful and slow myself down. I want to do everything deliberately and with a purpose. I need to continue to take time out of my day to reflect and write, but I also need to add more physical exercise, stretching and deep breathing. i need to let my body relax and free itself from all the stress and tension.

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” ~Lao Tzu


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