UPwardly planting the SEED.

Today was jam-packed with excitement and progress.

Jake, Jeff, Dores and I Skyped with Bill and several of his friends on the Unlimited Possibilities Board. We shared the story of the Valley, Alamosa and La Puente and proposed our idea to them. Bill said within seconds of ending the call they all agreed it was a “No Brainer” to work with us and help our initiative move UPwards. I am beyond thankful and grateful for their support.

After our Skype call, we attended a Business Incubator’s Webinar. It was so interesting to hear everything they offered to clients and how it is an identical model and vision we had for this Micro-Enterprise project.

The E^3 Center is up and running with a printer, ready to be utilized by Adelante’s clients. I will be working on a Guidebook and a few other resources, but this will come over time.

I’ve realized how valuable going to a new place can be for self-reflection. Not only do you have the opportunity to “start fresh” around new people and new ideas, but you are able to reach back and grab from previous experiences and really see who you are and what you value.

One thing I’m still struggling with is when to call it a night and when to shut my brain off from all these thoughts and ideas. I am passionate, motivated and excited for these opportunities, but I also realize that I will quickly burn out if I don’t slow down. I need to learn to pace myself.

I attended a writer’s workshop two weeks ago titled, “Writing for Speaking—Delivery and Technique.” It was a good opportunity for me because I haven’t had much practice in public speaking. When I spoke and shared my “This I Believe” story it was so easy to do and felt so natural. I went to the workshop again tonight and the teacher suggested I start sharing some of my writing at the monthly Open Mic at Milagros. He said I have a distinct voice and tremendous passion behind what I am saying. Unfortunately, the writer’s workshop and open mics are at the same time this entrepreneur business class I’m going to begin next week is. In a few months I’ll pick it up again.

Another thing I’m learning is how passionate and excited I get for other people when I hear about their passions and their stories. I used to get puzzled not knowing exactly what I wanted to do in life—having to pick a major at college and settle on one thing was even more frustrating. I just want to do and learn everything I can. When I hear other people’s stories and experiences I put myself in their shoes and a big smile is plastered on my face. I practically jump out of my shoes for them and want to do anything I can to help them achieve their goals.

I have a passion for people’s passions.

When I was visiting my friend in Boulder last month I toured these elementary schools with her class their first day. The professor thought I was enrolled in the class, and by the end of the day I even felt like I was. As we wandered through all the classrooms we were told we needed to decide what school and what grade level we wanted to work with. I found myself seriously trying decide where I would best fit and wanted to continue going back—as if I was actually enrolled in the program. It was pretty funny. But what I really loved was seeing Addie in her element and doing something she loved.

My Thought of the Day: The only limitations are the ones you put on yourself.

Tomorrow is another beautiful and exciting day full of opportunities.


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