Developing your heart with Unlimited Possibilities

Adelante’s office was closed for President’s Day, so I went to the Enterprise office this morning to work on an initial in-the-works idea sheet for the Micro-Enterprises. Oh my gosh do I love brainstorming and envisioning all of these possibilities for the future. There is so much opportunity and potential and I have so much hope this will be a success.

This afternoon Jeff and I had a FaceTime/Skype test call with a fellow SAS Spring 2011 member, Bill Cuff. Bill and I worked together during several service projects in Ghana and India. We also worked others on the ship and put together a 50th Anniversary Peace Corps dinner. Bill was one of the few people on the ship that truly pushed and inspired me to further my passions for service work. He said he remembers speaking with me about my desire to do Peace Corps or AmeriCorps after college, and was so pleased to hear that I’ve done just that. It was so great to reconnect with him.

In fact, I went back through notes from the voyage and found this scribbled down: “Do whatever it is that makes you happy, that fills you up inside. Create your own life and your own adventures. Help those around you. Teach and be taught. Admit your thoughts, feelings, and frustrations out loud to someone–don’t bottle everything inside. Pick at one little thread and study it, it can open up a whole new world of ideas and thoughts. Ask questions and think big. Think about what does matter and hold onto that. At dinner tonight Bill Cuff said to me, this trip isn’t about finding lifelong friends on the ship. It’s not about the countries we visit or the trips that you do. It’s not about what you’re learning in class. It’s about you. It’s about finding yourself and developing your heart…

Bill is part of an organization called Unlimited Possibilities. He and some of his close friends formed Unlimited Possibilities as “an education and service foundation dedicated to helping eliminate social injustices such as economic hardship, disease, hunger and illiteracy by providing financial support and direct service projects both nationally and internationally.”

Wednesday Jeff, Dores, Jake, Victoria and I are having an early morning micro-enterprise meeting. After, we are going to video conference with Bill and some of the other board members of Unlimited Possibilites to propose our project.

If the board approves, we will receive a $2,000 micro-loan to launch this project. We’ll have a year to pay the loan back, and if we do then the following year and so on we will receive an additional $1,000. If we continue to pay these loans back each year then by the fifth year we will receive $6,000 as a donation. If we are unable to pay back the money at any given point throughout the 5 years, the money will be a gift to La Puente and the relationship between the two programs will be finished.

At the same time, Bill mentioned that another aspect of UP is traveling to these organizations they are helping and providing a week of service for them. Ideally, he suggested we do this in December or January of next year—which may be perfect because the summer is already booked with Work Groups coming. It’s so funny, I just said to myself the other day how much I would love it if Bill could come to Alamosa, even made a note of it to myself—so we could reconnect and he could see what La Puente is doing— and it looks like this may just be the ticket to get him here…


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