Small steps to bigger paths

I enjoy taking a day on the weekend to slow down, relax, and let my mind wonder through the endless possibilities. Today was just that.

After taking our recycling and going to the gym for a bit, I spent the afternoon writing some letters. I then gave myself hours on end to just sit back and think.

It’s interesting how our mind wanders back to certain thoughts and memories, but yet we choose to ignore others altogether.

We push down these memories in order to protect ourselves.

Still, I feel it’s vital to recognize and embrace these memories all the same. Without understanding our whole selves, how will be able to connect, understand and relate to those around us?

I felt myself going into a few of these memories tonight, but I think it ended up being quite helpful. So much of this year of service is going to be processing and reflecting on experiences in and outside of La Puente. It’s also going to be important to keep myself in check—by constantly digging into my past, present and future self—so that I can be of best use.

It is supposed to be 45 degrees and sunny tomorrow, and we will be going on a roommate hike. Looking forward to getting outside in the cool, fresh air before the work week starts up again.


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