Documenting life through the written word.

I’ve written a blog post each night since my arrival and I hope to continue this. I meant to reflect and write earlier, but I spent a few hours filing my taxes instead. (In doing so I heard, “Wazowski, you didn’t file your paperwork again last night, don’t let it happen again!)

It’s amazing how quickly we can forget conversations and events that took place years, months, weeks or even just days earlier.

I am really pleased I’ve been able to write at least a little something each night—because while it’s true that you can forget details and events that occur throughout your day, what gets left behind even quicker are the raw emotions.

Even writing this half a day later, I find it difficult to reflect and fully grasp what I was thinking and how I was feeling this morning or early in the afternoon. It’s one thing I wish I did more while traveling…

I do know that today was filled with creativity, imagination, passion, love and encouragement.

Jeff and I continued our conversation this morning about the micro-enterprise business and made lots of progress. He suggested Kara, a local woman from Creede, put together a website for us. After looking at her portfolio online, we spoke with her on the phone and she is going to put together a proposal for us next week. It sounds like it could be 3/4 or all of the micro-loan we are hoping to receive, but I think it’s going to be a vital piece to really allowing this project we envision to really take off and succeed.

Having a website will push us to really buckle down and fill it with content: with a trademark, a logo, a mission statement, products and people’s stories with written word, audio and photography. I hope to sit down at some point this weekend and map out a basic design of the webpage, as well as compile a list of things to include within the site.

The last Wednesday of this month we’ll also begin the Leading Edge entrepreneurial business class and will graduate from it in May. I’m really fortunate to have been given this opportunity to learn from people in this field and take this class without having to pay an arm and a leg for it.

I recognize the need to step back throughout my day and as I reflect like this at night—away from my in-the-moment extreme excitement and passion in order to think realistically about this. But I just truly believe that we’re onto something and can really make this a success…a success not just in the Valley, but across rural communities in the country, and the world.

Yes, I can be a dreamer, but I think that’s how things are going to get done in this day and age. We can’t go around all our lives living the same cookie-cutter lifestyles. There is a point in time where you need to go beyond the security of a routine and “the way things have always been done,” invest your time and energy in something forward-thinking you care about, and make it happen.

As Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or you can’t, either way you are right.”

This afternoon I was back at the VolCom office, working on some details and planning a Work Group I will be the leader of July 28-August 1.

For dinner tonight Katie and I made spaghetti squash with garlic, onion, green pepper, tomato, sauce and some greek yogurt. It was delicious. I’ve really enjoyed having Katie stay at our house while her house is under renovation, we’ve gotten to spend a lot of time together and form a great friendship. Unfortunately, her house should be done when we get back from retreat next weekend and they will move back in.

It’s funny that there are 25 volunteers here, but it’s so easy to get into your own routines and only see those you work and live with.

Monday Dores said Adelante’s office is closed for President’s Day, but I plan on working on the micro-enterprise project some more either way.

Friday morning all of the volunteers are leaving for a retreat to Santa Fe, NM. I’ve never been to New Mexico before, and I’m pretty excited to be able to bond with more of the volunteers, spend some time out of the Valley, and recoup. We’ll be staying in a hostel and will have plenty of down time to explore and relax.

Tomorrow is a day of recycling, going to the gym, letter-writing—and perhaps a decent hike!

I will continue to water the seeds I’ve been blessed with since my arrival here next week.

Good night and good morning to each of you…



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