Business ventures, learning opportunities…

It always amazed me how many some people put into their job outside of the usual office hours. Aren’t we always told to “leave work at work?”

But I now see how significant those extra hours can be.

If you have the passion, and want to improve upon or build something successful, so much time and energy is involved outside of the business hours. Constantly thinking and rethinking; researching and reading; connecting and learning; brainstorming and creating…

I’ve quickly begun to see how much of a dreamer I am since I started working here. Sure, I can buckle down, look at the details and be a clerk when necessary, but I get antsy real fast when I’m placed in that structure for too long.

I went to the Chamber of Commerce meeting tonight with Jeff and Jake and made a few great connections. We’ve also enrolled in this Leading Edge Entrepreneurial Training program. This will really benefit me, providing myself with a bit more knowledge of the business side of things. I believe it will be about ten weeks long, and there will be different guest speakers each class. It should be a small group, so we’ll really be able to give each other feedback and grow together. Even though I’m not back in the classroom at Kent, I look forward to other learning environments beyond La Puente.

I’ll also be attending this webinar next week:

Oh my gosh, I have such a passion for learning. I don’t mind what the topic is, I just love getting together with people and hearing their stories and ideas. You can always get something out of it. I got so excited when I heard about these opportunities, even though they will be time beyond my working hours…

One thing I definitely want to keep in mind during this business venture—and in life in general—is rather than constantly seeking help via donations of time, energy and other resources, I want to take a step back and first ask myself, “Wait, how can this help them?” Rather than walking up to someone and playing the, “Hey! We’re a non-profit in desperate need of help in order to serve these other people” card, I want to think about creating meaningful partnerships with people. I want to ask myself, “How can I help and serve them? How can this project benefit their goals and dreams, too?”

I’ve seen this video a few times before, but it reentered my life today and thought I’d share it with you all:


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