Employment Center

Twenty-six handwritten letters placed in the out-of-town slot at the post office since my arrival to Alamosa. It feels so good to take the time reconnect with family, friends and people I’ve met over the years, each letter with a personalized message inside.

I finally got my Colorado license in the mail yesterday, and took the Adelante van for a spin Alamosa’s recycling center. This will be one of my duties each Tuesday. I desperately want to incorporate stopping by my house on the way—even though it’s out of the way—to pick up our recycling. My house has literally been filling up a trash bag a day, and most of it is recyclable.

Upon return, I spent the day at Adelante putting together the employment center. First, I had to take inventory on each bag of donations that was piled high, and move them to the attic. The rest of the inventory up there will have to wait until another day—actually I’m sure it will take several long days…

After clearing out the space and getting help moving a huge cabinet, I hauled two desks and chairs and set up a computer at each. I also grabbed a bookshelf from Rainbow’s End and filled it with resources for our clients. These included things like resume and career books, as well as parenting and self-help books. Tomorrow I will finish arranging everything and get the printer up and running. It will be a great resource for these clients to be able to come in and have full access to these things. Hopefully I will get to spend more time with them one-on-one here and get to know them better, as this will most likely also be my work space whenever I’m in the office.

After speaking with Dores and Jeff today, it sounds like we are going to have a big meeting about the micro-enterprises next Wednesday. I’ll also be Skyping in on UP’s board meeting, hopefully with a finished proposal on our project.

It got pretty cold today compared to the warm, upper-30s last week. My hands are taking a beating with the dry air and are cracked and scaly all over the place.

I am going to leave this post tonight at that—it’s getting late and I FINALLY get to Skype my sister right now.

Love to all, my friends and family…


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