The Mind of a Child…

Today was productive. I went over to the county jail to get fingerprinted again for an Ohio background check, and then made a quick trip to the gym before work. I spent the rest of the morning going back through some of my old college notes from my entrepreneur classes and making a list of people, websites and businesses that could be helpful in a google doc I’ve shared. So far it’s already over three pages long.

The rest of the afternoon I flipped back and forth between micro-enterprise research and creating a computer literacy survey for the Employment Center I’m developing for Adelante.

Tonight we had our weekly Life Skills session with the Adelante clients. This time they were asked to bring their children and the focus was on literacy and reading with your child. The children who are 5-10 years old are all involved in the Pals program. I took photos and played with a few children under 5 most of the time—I wish I could post photos, but I have not gotten permission beyond the use for La Puente.

One little boy who was three years old came up to me when he saw me taking a picture. I said do you want your photo taken? He said, yes. I told him to smile and he looks at me with his mouth open in a shocked kind of way. He pulled on my camera strap to get a look at it and said, “Hey look! That’s Jorden!” I said, it is? Who’s Jorden? He repeated again, “That’s Jorden!” I said, Is your name Jorden? He said “YES!” Then he pushed his finger up and down the buttons on my camera until his face disappeared. “Oh no! Jorden’s gone!” he said. I pointed at the button to bring the photo back up and he pushed it. “He’s back!” he said.

I wish I was a child again. There is nothing that compares to the creativity, imagination, curiosity and innocence of a child.

Speaking of, I read this article by Jeff Hoffman today:


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