Just an update…

Today has been good.

After our staff meeting this morning, I got some immigration statistics written up for a service learning project that will be used for incoming Work Groups.

I am still working away at the micro-enterprise brainstorming, and it looks like they want me to dedicate more of my hours during the week to move it forward some more. I’ll still working for Adelante and VolCom, but I’ll also be working out of the Enterprise office three+ half-days a week. Pretty exciting news: I reconnected with a friend from Semester at Sea and it looks like I may have found a potential small micro-lender to get us going! Jeff and I will be getting together next week to begin a proposal.

I also found this awesome site Center for Rural Entrepreneurship. As I explore its site I’m finding tons and tons of great resources and ideas.

I’ve been placed as the Work Group Leader for a youth group coming July 28-August 1. It will be my first one to lead by myself. At the same time, all of the volunteers will be leaving July 31 after completing their year of service, and my birthday is August 1. I suspect there will be a lot of emotions to wade through during all of this.

Next week I’ll be meeting with Lares to go over some ideas for the new La Puente poster I’m in charge of designing. I still haven’t narrowed down a quote or design concept for it, but maybe something will come to mind over the weekend.

I can’t even begin to express how fortunate I am to be placed in this “extra” volunteer position for these programs through August. There are so many opportunities to move things forward with these new ideas, but the regular positions simply do not have the time outside of their daily tasks. I’ve been blessed with a lot of flexibility in my schedule and am able to really dive into these ideas that have only ever been dreams floating around La Puente for several months, even years, now. It’s time to make these dreams come alive…

Just a song to listen to while reading, it’s been showing up quite a bit on my Pandora station the last few days. Love Someone by Paula & Karol:


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