Planting the seed…

This morning I went and took some photos of Jenna and Claudia, the community garden volunteers, teaching a second grade class about seeds. It’s so awesome what they’ve developed the program into over the last year. For three months they are inside the classrooms four days a week teaching lessons and preparing the children for planting the seeds. Once the ground thaws, they are out in the garden located on the school grounds and putting to work what they learned.

When we walked inside the classroom they were all dressed as 100-year-olds in celebration of the 100th day of the school year. The boys had on nice sweaters and khaki pants with loafers. They grayed their hair and painted mustaches onto their faces. The girls wore long skirts and a shawl over their shoulders with their gray hair pulled neatly into a low bun. A few were walking around hunched over with canes.

The class learned about the different parts of a seed and got to dissect a bean to find the “baby seed” inside. It was really great to work with the kids and get out of the office for a bit. It sounds like Claudia will be needing some extra help in the classrooms this spring, I hope I can fit that into my schedule and go with her.

Each day on my lunch break I spend walking the trail along the river. It’s been sunny and warm enough (mid-30s) that I haven’t been wearing my jacket on this walk. The dry cold is very different than the cold back home, I really enjoy it.

I’ve made some contacts in regards to the micro-enterprise project. Things are going to happen over the next few months and I’m passionate about it.

Check out this business platform called IOU Project from an Unreasonable at Sea entrepreneur:


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