Micro-enterprise meeting

My mind was racing during a 2.5 hour meeting this morning. I love brainstorming and dreaming up all these new ideas and connections for La Puente and the community. Jeff (La Puente Enterprise Director), Dores (Adelante Director), Victoria (Community Gardens Director) and I met first.

La Puente’s thrift store, Rainbow’s End, has a boutique side that includes a Ten Thousand Villages section. The hope is to localize this concept and allow some of the Adelante parents to use their skills and passions to develop products they can sell locally as well as online. We talked about the importance of telling the stories of the people selling their products.

We talked about the possibility of using the Grow Dome as a micro-enterprise growing micro-grains.

We talked about the need for a commercialized kitchen in Alamosa, to allow those who are making delicious, cultural foods to sell their products in the community.

We met with Mary and Carl of the Adams State Community Partnerships to discuss future relations with this entire project.

Lots of wonderful brainstorming and exchanges of ideas all around.

The power of networking and making connections:

It amazes me how small of a world it is and how everything is connected.

I took Introduction to Entrepreneurship last spring, and Entrepreneur Speaker Series in the fall. I was so inspired to hear from each of these speakers, even though I wasn’t in the business program and had no intention of starting a business anytime soon. But I just loved listening to their stories and learning from their experiences. The entrepreneurial mindset is so awesome to me.


  1. Be nice to customers.
  2. Do a business that is fun.
  3. Do not give up. (Caine circled and underlined this one three times)
  4. Start with what you have.
  5. Use recycled stuff.

Now how can you help?:

We’re looking at holding a conference on social enterprises here in Alamosa. We want to bring people from across the country with various backgrounds and expertise.

I’d like to put together a mini-Entrepreneur Speaker Series for Adelante’s Life Skills class. I want to bring in motivational speakers and excite and open client’s eyes to a world of possibilities. Know anyone who’d like to come to Alamosa?

We need to develop a training program and curriculum that we can use for years to come as the program grows. We need a micro-enterprise, micro-lending business model to mold around.

We need micro-lenders and grant opportunities to be revealed!

We need to make contacts with entrepreneurs, business owners, marketers, designers—and anyone else with creative ideas and insight on ways to make this happen!


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