A day at Adelante…

Tonight I reflect on the tedious, monotonous tasks I’ve been given these next few weeks. Never did I picture myself in an office, sitting at a desk for 8 hours, filing paperwork, staring at a computer screen. I want to be out there in the world, active and engaged with other human beings! But alas, the office needs me…

My Adelante duties:

Recycling. Taking out the trash. Filing and scanning documents. Shredding paper. Cutting up scrap paper. Taking inventory of all of the bags of donations stored in the attic. Getting gas and cleaning the vehicles. Checking the car fluids/basic maintenance. Updating the Facebook page. Checking the mail.

My more exciting duties:

-Working with Jeff, La Puente’s enterprise director, to sell some photography books for a local artist—half the proceeds will go to benefit the Guatemalan community.

-Establishing an Employment Center for Adelante parents, providing them with basic resources and opportunities to find themselves a job!

-Working with Jeff again, to establish a forward-thinking micro-enterprise program for Adelante families and the Alamosa community at large.

Hope for the future:

-Connect and build a relationship with a few families and tell their stories—through words, through photos, through audio/video.

-Help these adults discover their passions, their skills, their crafts, and start up small businesses. To be able to provide for themselves, and their children. To live a sustainable lifestyle beyond the daily grind working at a fast-food restaurant. To open their eyes to a world of opportunities.

Positive thinking for myself:

-Even though I have to buckle down and get through some not-so-interesting projects, they are still important and are helping the program and La Puente at large. Every little bit counts, right?

-I have a 30-minute walk to work to look forward to in the morning, as well as a 30-minute break in the day where I can leave the office—and step outside into the fresh air. Today I took a walk down by the river, I think this will be my preferred lunch break routine.

-I can learn the ins and outs of the program by listening, observing, taking notes and asking questions. This is a time to process, brainstorm, and prepare for future projects I want to create.

I am excited.

Sunset tonight via cell photo:



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