Upcoming projects…

It’s possible I could have pneumonia or something of the sorts. I keep going to bed hoping I’ll wake up feeling better, but no such luck. Katie was diagnosed with acute bronchitis and Travis was just diagnosed with pneumonia. Coughing, shortness of breath, fatigue, backaches, etc…tomorrow morning I’m going to go to the clinic to get some tests done.

I spent the day at VolCom and learned about some projects I’ll be doing for them over the next few months. One I am pretty excited about: We’re going to try and set up rural entrepreneurship and micro-enterprises for some of the families in La Puente’s programs. This would allow them to use their skills and create a craft of some sort to sell at La Puente’s enterprises like Milagros, while at the same time providing them with some income.

I’m also going to be creating service learning activities for the work groups that come throughout the year. I spent a few hours on teacherspayteachers.com and got a lot of fun ideas for younger children who may be coming through.

Every year La Puente creates either a photo booklet or a poster. This year it’s a poster, and I’ve been assigned to design it. There is usually a quote and an illustration tied together somehow—if you have any suggestions for a good quote or illustration, send them my way!

I am helping Kaytee with the task of gathering new photos at each of the programs for our grant writer. I spent the afternoon with PALS, taking photos and getting to know a few of them better. These kids melt my heart.


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