Día Uno a Adelante

The Point in Time surveys were all gathered and sent to Adelante at the end of last week. My task today was to go through each of the hundreds of forms and fill in any missing information. I probably wrote adelante.lapuente@gmail.com 300 times.

To make the most of a monotonous task, I tried to really take in the personal information that was filled out on each form. I noticed how many children were homeless with there parents—and it wasn’t common to see just one child, but two or three or four children per homeless family. Some are living in cars, abandoned buildings, garages and sheds with up to two or three other families.

Many are suffering from substance abuse, mental illness, chronic physical pain, post-traumatic stress disorder…The government wants to do away with shelters and simply hand out housing vouchers to those in need—but what is that really going to solve? Sure it will get them off the streets for a while, but how is it going to help them overcome some of these other issues? How is it going to get them prepared for a job?


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