Gators and hot springs

Today was explore Valley day. I slept ten hours last night, but woke up feeling incredibly weak and achey. It took a good two hours to get myself out of bed to shower, and that was more than enough to wear me out. I told the group I was going to have to bail on snowshoeing in the canyon and went back to sleep. By 11 Katie K., Weston and Claudia burst into my room and gathered around me sleeping—they wanted to make sure I was okay. They said they all were feeling a bit under the weather and that valley day was getting cut down to visiting the Gator Farm and the Hot Springs. I didn’t want to miss out on the steam from the hot springs, so I decided to tag along, figuring I could sleep in the car.

Weston left his bag outside VolCom’s office and someone swiped it. They kept everything except they ditched his passport in Milagro’s back-alley (His only form of ID while his license gets mailed out here). I guess we should be grateful they were kind enough to leave that behind, but it was rather disheartening to know people would do that in this small town—then again I suppose there’s going to be all walks of life wherever you go.

I got to hold a baby alligator! It was pretty incredible to feel it’s cold skin breathing up against my hands. We spent about an hour there before I was feeling weak again.

Claudia, Weston and I continued north towards the Valley View Hot Springs. We had just a 1/4 mile hike up the mountain to get to the Top Ponds. My lungs were burning and I was coughing on blood. I felt so defeated.

Once we made it to the top and got into the water I felt better. We spent a few hours resting in the water with good conversation before heading back down the mountain. Before getting in the car, we spent a few minutes in the sauna to warm up again. I was so relaxed and almost fell asleep.

Unfortunately, I am skipping dinner at Monte’s and a welcoming party Murphy house was throwing for us—but I need to rest up and regain my strength tonight.

Cheers to good health and the strength to call it quits when your body needs to rest…























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