Writing letters, choosing words…

Whelp, here I go, writing again late into the night…

A hand-written letter, something I cherish so much. To be able to hold that piece of paper in your hand, miles apart, and know their hands held the pen which brushed the ink down upon it. It takes time to write a letter, and the words are so carefully chosen. In an email you can write and delete and rearrange your words and paragraphs, but a hand-written letter is so rich and pure—full of all of your raw thoughts and emotions. I truly believe writing allows you to go deep inside yourself and pull something out you never would have discovered otherwise. I wrote a handful of letters this weekend and it felt so wonderful and healing. I wish people wrote more letters to those they cared about, somehow a Facebook message or a “like” on a photo just doesn’t compare. I need to go to the post office tomorrow to buy some more stamps. 🙂

I love to be alone. I love to go off into the woods, surrounded by the beauty of nature, with no distractions. Just me and my thoughts, fresh air against my skin. Nothing can compare to that solitude. To me, writing is also a way to experience solitude. True bliss found within yourself.

There’s a time and place to be alone without feeling lonely. While I understand the importance of solitude, there’s also that need and desire to have experiences with others. Watching a butterfly hatch from its cocoon a week ago was so magical and revealing. It was a moment in my life I will always remember. David was with me, and I cannot imagine what the experience would have been like if I was not by his side. To have experienced that moment in time together was so meaningful to me.

Recap of today:

Today was productive and relaxing. I went and purchased some groceries at Safeway, and signed up for their Bonus Card—saved $7 already! I bought a dispenser bottle of soap for our bathroom—that I plan to refill with this giant bottle of soap I found under our sink—and the lady at the checkout put the soap bottle in a separate, smaller plastic bag, only to place that bag inside a bigger plastic bag. What is the point of that? I then unloaded my groceries and crumpled up and compiled the six plastic bags I no longer needed and opened up a cabinet to shove them into. We have a cabinet designated for empty plastic bags! And it’s jam-packed with dozens and dozens of them! Why do we hold onto to all of these bags? To use for later? Why don’t we bring them back to the grocery store to reuse? Why are we still using plastic bags for groceries in the first place? I need to have my mom send me my tote bag ASAP…

Our plans to hike Zapata Falls and Great Sand Dunes National Park have been pushed to next Saturday, so I spent the evening baking chocolate chip cookies with Katie. This was my first time baking at high altitude, and I must say it was a complete success. There are talks of opening up our own high-altitude-chocolate-chip-cookie-baking-business. More details to come…

Considering it’s after 2 in the morning now, I must get some shut-eye. Tomorrow starts my first day of orientation and MLK Day of Service!







3 thoughts on “Writing letters, choosing words…

  1. Funny, you got me thinking of post cards. It was once one of life’s obligations and pleasures to send post cards from wherever you were when away. True, the ink and tactile element is gone, but your postings are just as powerful. The fact that they lack the rough edges doesn’t diminish them, just makes them changed.

    It may be that the only thing sadder than an orphan plastic bag is one with a hole in it. It truly seems to have no future. Or, maybe its just another challenge and opportunity. Something must be done. 🙂

  2. i just sent your blog link to mom – I think she’ll love to read it. i just wanted to let you know that this was so appropriate to read – my new year’s resolution is to write at LEAST one handwritten letter a week, and I’m totally on track. I agree that it feels so good. One thing I’ve learned as I have travelled and gotten older is that as you add people in your life, one of the greatest joys is to maintain contact with them and get those letters and cards in the mail and to send them out and to visit them randomly and to stay connected. So yeah! I fully agree!

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