Día Uno

Today was a good first full day here in Alamosa. Surprisingly, the cold doesn’t bother me as much as I thought it would—the sunshine makes a world of difference.

Amy took me around to a few of La Puente’s programs this morning. I met so many volunteers and tried so hard to remember their names but I feel like tomorrow I’ll have to start from scratch again! After a quick walk through VolCom, Rainbow’s End Thrift Store, Milagros Cafe and the Food Bank, I was dropped off at Adelante.

Adelante is a transitional program offered to families. I got to briefly meet Dores, the director of the program, and Jordan, Nicole and Anna, who are each case managers for the families. Since they are so busy working with the families (currently there are 14 families in the program), they often don’t have time to tackle all the projects they’d like each year.

For starters, I am writing an article for them in the Point in Time count for homelessness. This survey is being conducted on the night of Tuesday the 22, and all of the organizations participating across the state will send the data to Colorado Coalition for the Homeless.

It’s really difficult to track numbers in Alamosa because it is a rural area and so cold—none of the homeless population ever sleep outside on the streets. Instead, they are doubling up in homes and living in areas that are harder to track.

Even though I won’t start actually working there for another week and a half, the girls already gave me a two-page list of projects they’d like me to tackle for them. More details to come about those in later posts.

I’m excited to work with them and see what new ideas I can bring to the table.
I finished unpacking this afternoon and got to FaceTime with David. My gosh, seeing each other’s faces compared to just talking on the phone makes such a difference. It was so nice to see his smiling face and hope we can make it a regular thing.

Tonight we has Community Night where we watched the movie Men in Black 3 and I got to meet and talk with a few more of the volunteers. I’d say it’s a bit more overwhelming coming in January compared to August. In August all 20 of these volunteers moved in together and have really bonded and formed friendships. I’m just one of three new volunteers coming in now. Everyone has been so wonderfully welcoming and excited to have me here though. 🙂

I have to finish the article for The Valley Courier in the morning (me and my procrastination and needing the deadline pressure) and I believe will be going ice skating with some of the volunteers tomorrow night!


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