And so it begins…

Here I sit at the airport, extra early for my flight. David dropped me off before work, and I am told I won’t be able to check my bags or go through security for 7.5 hours. Yep, I got here at 6 a.m., and my flight doesn’t leave until 4:55 this evening. Better to be early than miss my flight I suppose! On the plus side, this gives me plenty of time to sit here and reflect…

I’m landing in Denver tonight, and Addie, my dear friend and roommate from Semester at Sea, will take me around Denver and Boulder the next two days. I am so excited to see her again, it’s hard to believe two years have passed since stepping aboard the MV Explorer.

On Wednesday, Amy from La Puente will be picking me up and we will drive 4 hours south to Alamosa, my new home for the next year.

Details to come about my positions working with its Adelante and VolCom programs, but you can check out the non-profit’s site here:

It seems this last month I’ve been back and forth all over the place from Kent to my hometown in NY to Cleveland to Kent and Cleveland once more. I’m ready to stop living out of a suitcase and have a place to call home again.

To start off, these next few entries may be full of process and details of what I’m up to, but I hope to shift gears and let it become a way to process and reflect upon everything.

Cheers to another adventure full of new places, new faces and new experiences—with all of you back home always in my heart and mind.



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